Attack and Defense of Patents, Trademarks, Designs

An Intellectual Property (IP) right is often granted and registered by a national Office after it had undergone a thorough examination, and it may thus be assumed to be legally valid. An Examiner of such Office has, however, usually only access to written documents. Moreover, as regards technical inventions, a laboratory for testing purposes is usually not available to an Examiner. A competitor might have, however, a laboratory at hand that allows the repetition of experiments described in a document. It is thus often possible even after grant to attack the validity of an IP right in opposition or nullity proceedings. The cooperation of IP Advocates supports IP right owners in defending against such attacks. Should you, however, be restricted by an IP right in your activities, we attack in contrast for you such an IP right. Already at the stage of examination proceedings, i.e. before grant, it is often possible to provide the Office in charge of examination with information that is relevant for the assessment of whether the requirements for obtaining an IP right are fulfilled. Such a submission of information can also be handled by the cooperation of IP Advocates.

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