Designs are an important element in intellectual property. Especially in areas in which not only the technical functions but also the perceptible appearance, namely the “good design”, is important for customers or clients and greatly influences purchase decisions, every company should protect the design of its products by registered designs.

The requirements for enforceable designs, especially the criteria “novelty” and “individual character”, are not very hard to meet since the legislature and case law are very pragmatic on these points. Also the application process to obtain registered designs is very quick and efficient. The maximum lifetime of generally 25 years confers sufficient protection even for long-living products. In summary, there are many arguments why you should protect designs in order to cover your products efficiently.

The attorneys of IP Advocates advise you comprehensively in design law and demonstrate you the many possibilities to achieve design protection by registered but also by non-registered designs in Germany, Europe and non-European countries. We master the modern, very efficient online application procedures, and we attend to your registered designs in a reliable manner. In case of any dispute in design matters, IP Advocates also assists you in a competent manner.

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