Infringement and Assertion of Patents, Trademarks, Designs

Being an owner of an industrial property (IP) right (patent, utility model, trademark, design) you are entitled to bar third parties from using your IP right. IP right infringe-ments may cause severe economic damages to enterprises.

In the case of a IP right infringement, an attorney will send the presumed infringing party a warning and/or a cease-and-desist letter and may try to settle the matter out-of-court. If such approach is not successful, the attorney may take formal legal action in the name of the client. In reaction to such filing of a plaint, the infringing party may attack the IP right with the object of eliminating it.

In the case of IP right infringements, you will be advised and represented in a highly competent manner by an attorney of your choice among IP Advocates.

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