Distinguishing marks, in particular trademarks, service marks and business denominations (company indications and work titles) are very important for the success of a company, since such allow to distinguish the products of a company from the ones of another company. Of importance are also geographical indications of origin. The services of the cooperation of IP Advocates comprise counselling regarding suitable and protectable marks, including the search in data bases for potentially conflicting marks, as well as the preparation of a list of products and services. The cooperation of IP Attorneys handles for you the filing process as well as the registration proceedings and supports you in possible opposition and cancellation proceedings.

Special care should be taken in the case of registered trademarks that such trademarks do not become prone to cancellation because of failing to meet the use requirements. Moreover, their scope of protection might be reduced by emerging trademarks of third parties. In such cases, The attorneys of IP Advocates provide counselling, undertake necessary steps and represent you also in infringement proceedings as well as in expedited judicial proceedings in case of product piracy.

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