Patent and Trademark Strategies

In the past, many companies have created sometimes quite complex portfolios of IP rights. Especially in times of growth such portfolios have developed by situation-triggered decision-making and are maintained, sometimes due to lack of sufficient internal resources, without a regular well-founded review. However, such administration of an IP portfolio incurs significant and sometimes unnecessary costs in processing and in maintenance since important IP rights are not distinguished from less important IP rights. Therefore, an active IP management which follows a clear strategy is very important.

The outcome of a well-defined IP strategy delivers also good results in evaluation processes so that IP portfolio assessments for internal reasons or at specific occasions like cooperation or merging with other companies show a very beneficial cost-benefit ratio.

The attorneys of IP Advocates may assist you competently in review and evaluation of your IP portfolios by using specific criteria, for example for identifying essential IP rights, detect loopholes and to develop strategies for the future. We may also identify clear and manageable criteria for future internal administration of your portfolio.

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