Klaus Hinkelmann, Mitteilungen (der deutschen Patentanwälte) 2017, Pages 330 to 335

Several important amendments of the Japanese Patent Act and related guidelines have been effected in the past three years. In addition, comparatively many decisions from the Japanese Supreme Court, but also from the Intellectual Property High Court of Japan as well as from the district courts in Tokyo and Osaka have been issued. In this […]

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Klaus Hinkelmann, Mitteilungen (der deutschen Patentanwälte) 2016, pages 262 to 267

In the past years we observed in Japanese trademark law and rulings profound developments. The Japanese tradenark law was modified in order to, inter alia, allow new types of trademarks. The rules for examination were adapted accordingly. Furthermore, the High Court for Intellectual Property took many important decisions in trademark cases. In the article, these […]

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Klaus Hinkelmann, Mitteilungen (der deutschen Patentanwälte) 2015, pages 260 to 265

In the past years a number of important decisions from Japanese courts, especially the Supreme Court for Intellectual Property, emerged relating to patent law. In the article some very important decisions of the past three years are discussed. These decisions relate to patentability (novelty, inventive step, enabling disclosure), the national phase entry in Japan from […]

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